Friday, 17 August 2012

Writers block

So, it really seems that I totally suck at blogging. I have recently recieved a few tips on how to become a succesfful blogger and one of them was to post regularly - which if you follow me, you'll realise I DON'T. Another tip was to write about positive things......another thing I don't really do.
It seems as though when I have something to say it's normally a sad story or something that I need to have a winge about. Well, i'm going to try really hard to change all that! My aim is to post a story at least once a week. Whilst my home 'army wife' life is quiet i'm going to try and post about a weekly interesting story at work. As well as keeping everyone updated with my Instagram pictures!!

My story for this week is going to be about 2 little puppies that came into our work as strays. We don't usually take stray animals unless they were injured.
One of the puppies, who we named Red Sox, wasn't injured but he came in with his friend, who we named White Sox, who was suspected of being hit by a car.
White Sox was found laying flat out on the side of the road, looking dead, with Red Sox sitting by his side not wanting to leave. The people who found them brought them into us over a week ago. It seemed as though White Sox had injured his front left limb. Red Sox was there for company! After doing x-rays on White Soxs' leg it was discovered that he didn't have any fractures so the vets put it down to soft tissue trauma and put him on a course of pain relief and antibiotics.
The two puppies have spent the past week in our care. Since White Soxs' leg has been better, we have been putting them outside each day to run around (also because they bark, ALL DAY LONG). On Friday we desexed and microchipped them both so they are ready for adoption.
I was on the late shift on Friday night. I had set all the patients up inside for the night and was doing some paperwork. White Sox cried continually. I got him out and sat him on my lap and he was silent. All he wanted was a little loving!! I spent the night typing away with little White Sox on my lap.
I am hoping over the weekend they were sent up to the shelter and got adopted! I guess I will find out tomorrow!!

Myself and Red Sox

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  1. Very cute pup! Hope he found a loving home....was great to see you this weekend xx