Friday, 13 July 2012

June 29 - July 10

Day 10 - Your favourite colour. PINK!

Day 9 - Big. A BIG yawn from Kitty.

Day 8 - Lunch. Take away chinese! YUM

Day 7 - Garden.

Day 6 - Chair. The chair that had to move out of the way for our bed to come in!

Day 5 - On the floor. My clothes waiting to be packed into their suitcase to Darwin!

Day 4 - Fun. All the nieces having fun with Uncle J

Day 3 - Best part of your day. Having my husband come home for lunch with me on my day off.

Day 2 - Busy. All my fur kids that keep me very busy!!

July 1 - Self Portrait

Day 30 - Friend. My best friend, Mintie.

Day 29 - Soft. Soft shell tacos for dinner!

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