Monday, 21 May 2012

A few friends....

Working in a Veterinary Clinic always has its ups and downs, especially working in a veterinary clinic that is combined with a welfare organisation. Below is a few stories about a couple of special patients who have been with us for a while and have left a big imprint in my heart.

Zorro - Rotti x G. Shep? I'm not 100% sure what breed Zorro is but he's been with us at the clinic for a while. He's a know escape artist and the last time he got out he unfortunately got hit by a car. He came to us in desperate need of surgery on his femoral head (ball at the end of his femur which sits in his hip socket). The surgery was done probably around 6 weeks ago now and he is still struggling putting weight on his leg. Zorro is an extremely exhuberant, outgoing dog and even though at times he jumps up and gets a little crazy he has such a great personality. I spent some quiet one on one time with him this afternoon, giving him a massage and doing some rehabilitation exercises with him. He absolutely loved the attention and is such a big sook. I hope I get some time on my next day at work to spend some more time with him. He truly is a gentle boy.

Baby. Staffy x (One of the vets and I have made up a new breed for Baby, we think she is a PUFFY - pug x staffy) What do you think?
Baby is one of a kind. Obviously she is SUPER cute and has just outrageous amounts of energy. She is supposed to be on cage rest but it's really hard to keep her calm when you take her outside and all she wants to do is play! I know Baby is making a speedy recovery and I know she will get adopted once she's ready!

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