Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mothers Day

As an army wife you never know where you're going to be living. Every 2 years moving house, or moving state. You could move closer to family or further away. I always hope to get back to Adelaide.

Being away from family can be difficult at the best of times. It's a lot more difficult on special occasions such as birthdays, christmas and mothers day! This year I have made the trip back to Adelaide to spend some much needed time with my mother, sisters and nieces.

It's amazing to see how much my nieces have grown in 5 months. From taking a few steps to walking all around the house, from saying a few words and now stringing them into sentences. I can not believe how quickly they are growing from babies into little girls.

My sisters are my best friends and I miss spending time with them. We don't have to be doing anything in particular I simply enjoy their company.

Most would say their mothers are fantastic. My mother is absolutely amazing and as I  have grown I have learnt how much she has done for us girls and I respect her greatly. When I was a teenager I was a total punk and I thought my mum was trying to ruin my life. Now I realise she was clearly trying to teach me the best of life and look out for me, which she has done a fantastic job doing!! Sorry mum....

I love my family dearly and wouldn't change it for anything. I just wish I could be closer to them.


  1. Lovely words...was great to have you home for the weekend...even if I couldn't go shopping with you :)

  2. We love and miss you too. It has been good to have you home to share time! Glad you realise I wasnt ruining your life! X