Sunday, 20 May 2012

Veterinary Nursing

I have always loved animals.
When I was growing up we always had at least one dog and one cat. Sometimes it was 2 cats, or even 3. I had numerous pet lambs which I bottle fed and kept until they died of old age, we never sold or used our pets for meat.
I had been trying to get into Veterinary Nursing for EIGHT years. To study Cert 4 in Veterinary Nursing you have to be employed or volunteering in a veterinary clinic. I was unable to volunteer my time as I needed to work to pay bills etc. and no-one wanted to hire a non-qualified nurse. I never gave up. I've worked with lab animals, I've worked as a dog groomer, I've worked in animal shelters now finally i'm working in a veterinary clinic and studying nursing!
In the middle of last year I was given my chance to volunteer one day a week which allowed me to get into the nursing course. At last, with persistence, I made it. I will be forever grateful to the vet who has taken me on and given me the opportunity to follow my dreams! At the start of this year I was offered a job as a veterinary nurse on a casual basis and have just been made permanent part-time.
Study and work can be challenging at times but I am loving every minute of it!!

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