Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Leaving Home (again)

A few tears well in my eyes as the plane takes off. Little TC didn't want to hug me goodbye. Mischievious SS started crying as we reversed out the driveway (although I do think it was more for Nanny as it was for me.) TC popped her head up and peered through the window giving a little wave.

I swear no matter how many times I go home it will never get easier leaving. Especially now that I have 2 gorgeous nieces who are growing ever so quickly!

I have spent five days with my family in Adelaide. A weekend is never long enough! I spent much needed time chatting, drinking tea, watching cartoons with my nieces, catching up for lunch and playing in the park. I didn't do anything super exciting but spending quality time with my girls is all I wanted to do.

I wish that I was closer. I wish I was there to help all the time.

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  1. So do we! But it is great to see you whenever we can:)