Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Blogging, apps and technology

My sister has been my inspiration into starting my blog. She has actually been my inspiration for a couple of things recently. Blogging and sharing my creativeness through an app called Instagram and the photo a day challenge.

I find blogging a good way to release any stresses and express my thoughts a feelings, even if only a few people read it. Although I do wish I had more followers, I just don't know how to get more people to read my blog!

I'm still learning how to set-up the pages appropriately and I find myself asking my tech savvy sister to help me when I don't know the answer. I apologise if my blog seems a bit of a mess at times!!

I'm not the best with technology. Recently my phone was low on space so I went into settings and deleted a few things that I didn't think were important, turns out I deleted my entire contacts list! I'm still trying to get everyones numbers!

Technology is forever changing and we will be forever trying to keep up. By the time I get my blog sorted out and I actually know what I'm doing there will possibly be a new form of communication.

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