Monday, 11 June 2012

June 1-10

Day 10 - Best part of your weekend. Getting a foot massage from my husband after a long day at work.

Day 9 - Your view of today. Looking down at Blackie sitting on all the clean washing at work.

Day 8 - 6 O'clock. Beer O'clock

Day 7 - Drink. Keeta and Chubbs sharing a drink

Day 6 - Hat. Carlos in a hat using some of my creativity skills and awesome apps!

Day 5 - Sign. Some of the best chocolates around!

Day 4 - Close up. Feeding kittens!

Day 3 - On your plate. Cookies I made!

Day 2 - Empty. My empty vodka next to a full one!

Day 1 - Morning. The poochies waiting for me every morning!

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