Friday, 15 June 2012

My BFF, Blackie Penty.

Blackie Penty is a legacy cat which resides with us at the AWL.

Since the start of this year he has been staying at the clinic so we can closely monitor his health. He is a 12.5yr old, domestic medium hair with chronic arthritis and weighs a whopping 8.5kg!! (He did weigh more!!)

Blackie has a great personality that I fell in love with whilst I was working in the shelter. I gave my boss a proposal to keep Blackie with us at the clinic to put him on a strict weight loss plan and exercise regime. I was exstatic when my proposal was approved!

Since being under the care of the veterinary clinic Blackie has lost 1kg and is moving around at an alarming pace! He used to sit on his bed, get up for eating (or sometimes not even get up! His food was sometimes placed right in front of his face!) and sleep. That was Blackies day. NOW he gets up, has brekkie, takes his meds like a pro, walks around the clinic, starts fights with dogs, explores and makes me smile every day.

A few weeks ago I was told Blackie would be taken away from the clinic - he would go into foster care. I was devastated. Blackie made me so happy and I didn't want him to go, I was very upset. I met the lady who was going to take him and instantly I took a disliking to her. She was abrupt and rough around the edges. I wanted Blackie to stay.

I have thought lots about this situation over the last few weeks and I guess i'm warming to the idea, I guess it will be better for him, since he does pick up every teeny tiny piece of food that is spilled on the floor and he has learnt to slip his hand through the bars in some of the cages and steal food out of other cats bowls!! (he is very clever!)  I do worry that he will be too much work for the foster carer and she will forget to feed him the right diet, or forget his meds....I don't know, I guess I have to wait and see how it goes.

I'm very protective of Blackie and I want the best for him. I treat him like my own.
Blackie helping me with the washing.

Cheeky Blackie

Blackie and Fluffy having a nap

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  1. Read the picture book story - The very best of friends! He will be OK.x