Friday, 22 June 2012

June 11-20

Day 20 - One of the best photos you've ever taken. 2010 in the Netherlands.

Day 19 - Imperfect. Dinner!!

Day 18 - Something we don't know about you.... I have a new found love for tea!

Day 17 - In your handbag.

Day 16 - Out and About.

Day 15. Yellow. Fishies at TAFE.

Day 14 - Time.

Day 13 - Art. My body art.

Day 12 - From a low angle. Looking up at Louie on his scratching post.

Day 11 - Door. Zorro wanting to come in at work!


  1. Love your Holland pic, and Louie really is quite pretty xx

    1. Thanks Ali! Quite proud of that photo!! I would call Louie handsome! I don't think boys can be called pretty?!?! XOXO