Tuesday, 12 June 2012

June Long Weekend

So I was fortunate enough to work this long weekend....YAY (not).

I found it rather frustrating that I had to work all 3 days whilst my husband had all 3 days off!! All I wanted to do was spend some time with him. Life here in Sydney always seems so busy and I find little time to spend relaxing with my other half.

I was lucky enough that on Monday I only had to work 3 hours.

My husband had been speaking of going to a brewery in Manly for a few months now and we thought Monday for lunch would be a great idea....however, the weather was horrible!!!!!!!! But, we decided to go anyway. So in the car we got to drive an hour over to the other side of town. As we were driving down the M5 I was thinking "OMG, we are totally crazy". It was absolutely pouring and the traffic was chaotic (more so than usual).

We drove around Manly and spotted the brewery, the next thing we needed was a car park. As we drove around I saw a quaint little sign that read "Adriano Zumbo." YES! Right next to the brewery! (I have had a slight obsession with Adrianos pastries since MasterChef 2010)

Lucky I had decided to 'dress for the snow' because it was still pouring with rain and we didn't have an umbrella! We sploshed our way to the 4 Pines Brewery, arrived looking like drowned rats.

It was quite cosy and warm BUT busy. We found a seat, outside. Thankfully it was just out of the rain and the bar staff turned on the outside heaters for us.

We orded lunch and my husband ordered his 'tasting rack' of beer! We ate and drank as the rain fell, it was rather peaceful and lovely to finally spend some time relaxing together.

My 4 Pines Cider

The 4 Pines 'Tasting Rack'

After lunch we sploshed our way around the corner to Adriano Zumbos patisserie, only to find out it was closed. Sob.

Since I hadn't been drinking I had the task of driving home.....the LONG road home. I don't like driving in the city and I had to drive over the Sydney Harbour Bridge so it was a big deal! And to have a husband in the passenger seat who was half drunk didn't really give me the confidence I needed! Anyway, after a lot of stress we made it home safely. Dodging a few crazy vehicles on the way.

Even though it was only half a day, it was a great half a day and it's all the little things that make me happy!

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  1. Well done Kristy! Glad you had a good half day off! !